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Eleduino Arduino BLE Shiled + ZB module V1.0 0 (from 0 reviews) 25.90 USD In Stock
Arduino BLE Shiled + ZB module V1.0

Arduino BLE Shiled + ZB module V1.0 #10481

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Arduino BLE Shiled is an Arduino shield which uses ZBmodule Bluetooth 4.0 module (using TICC2541 chip) . In the SIG release of Bluetooth 4.0 standard specification, Bluetooth 4.0 adds the low-power (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) technology, the peak energy consumption is just half of the traditional Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 4.0 single mode chip (BLE) can use a single button batteries (such as CR2032 of3V, 220mAh ) work for a long time (months or years). In contrast, the standard Bluetooth technology often requires two AAA batteries at least, can work a few days or weeks only. Previously people criticized Bluetooth version is that the slow start, the start-up of Bluetooth 2.1 version need to takes about four seconds,only need three versions Bluetooth 4.0 milliseconds to complete now, almost instantaneous connection. If Bluetooth 2.1 is ordinary “feature phones”, then the latest Bluetooth 4.0 is a “smart phones.”


  • Working frequency 2.4GHz (2402MHz ~ 2480MHz)
  • Transmit power : 0 dBm to -23 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity -93dBm (1Mbps)
  • The maximum transfer rate 1Mbps
  • Minimum operating voltage 2.0V
  • The maximum operating voltage 3.6V
  • Working Mode 19.6mA
  • Standby current is less than 1uA
  • The maximum current 20mA ( sending data -6dBm)
  • Remote control range : visual range of 25 m radius , with cover 10 meters
  • Module size : 26.7mm * 18.3mm * 8.8mm
  • On-board PCB antenna / External Antenna
  • You can upgrade the firmware through the serial port
  • The default mode of operation : transparent transmission
  • Predefined interfaces , interface functions can be modified by App
  • 3 -channel ADC
  • 4 programmable IO ports
  • 4 programmable PWM (SPI PWM can not be used )
  • SPI interface (SPI PWM can not be used
  • UART serial
  • USB interface


  • lead all the IO ports of Arduino, and comes with power supply 5V and GND connections beside IO, more convenient to use the steering gear and other equipment
  • With I2C interface level conversion, you can use the 5V level 3.3V level I2C interfaces to connect various types of sensors;
  • Level converter with SPI interface, pin directly compatible with nRF24L01
  • All leads ZBmodule module IO ports, you can easily debug ZBmodule module
  • And with a full-color LED and adjustable resistance, test ZBmodule module comes with PWM outputs and ADC sampling
  • With ZBmodule module status LED, flash (3Hz) on behalf offline, slow flash (1Hz) on behalf of online
  • Onboard 3.3V LDO is ZBmodule module 3.3V I2C and SPI interface provides independent power; approximately 300mA output current
  • 5V input interface, for the digital IO ports provide a more robust power supply current through an external 5V power supply to drive the power steering
  • Reserved XBEE pin. XBEE compatible serial communication module

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